Hello! Who wants to sew some hats for a good cause!

I have decided not to pursue my children’s hat line. Which leaves me with lots of lovely printed organic cotton enough for 40 hats and a handful of beautifully drafted children’s hats patterns.

What to do? Well I know that the hats need to find a much better home. Which led me to the idea of donating the hats to Weill Cornell’s pediatric unit.

So this is where you and all of my dear sewing friends come in! Because the hats are not made yet. I propose sending you enough fabric to sew 2 hats (more if you request) and a copy of the patterns (XS-L) for you to keep in return for sending me the finished hats back. I will then package everything up and get them on a little noggin in need.

I have made a simple sewing tutorial video of how to whip a cap or hat up in about 30 minutes.

Feel free to Email me if you are interested in helping out and I’ll ship you everything you need to get started!

Thanks in advance for your help! Xx- Rachel Hearn